Italia Travelling: Hotels in Calabria and other accommodation


Hotels in Calabria and other accommodation

List of hotels and other accommodation in Calabria

Bed and Breakfast in Calabria | Bed and Breakfast Reggio Calabria | Bed and Breakfast Polistena
Bed & Breakfast Chiara
Bed and Breakfast
Polistena (Calabria)
Via Carapelli, 15
89024 Polistena (RC)
Phone number: 335 484421
Bed and Breakfast in Calabria | Bed and Breakfast Catanzaro | Bed and Breakfast Catanzaro
Bed and Breakfast Cassiodoro
Bed and Breakfast
Catanzaro (Calabria)
Viale Cassiodoro, 159
88100 Santa Maria di Catanzaro (CZ)
Phone number: 347 9418237
Hotel in Calabria | Hotel Cosenza | Hotel San Giovanni in Fiore
Biafora Hotel
Hotel 3 Stars
San Giovanni in Fiore (Calabria)
loc. garga 9
87055 san giovanni in fiore (CS)
Phone number: 0984970078
Holiday home in Calabria | Holiday home Catanzaro | Holiday home Catanzaro
Casa per Ferie Santa Maria delle Grazie
Holiday home
Catanzaro (Calabria)
Via delle Grazie
8806 Torre di Ruggiero (CZ)
Phone number: 3494458219
Hotel in Calabria | Hotel Cosenza | Hotel Paola
Hotel Alhambra
Paola (Calabria)
Via Nazionale - S.S.18
87027 Paola (CS)
Phone number: 0982582240
Hotel in Calabria | Hotel Vibo Valentia | Hotel Vibo Valentia
Hotel Resort Lido degli Aranci
Hotel 4 Stars
Vibo Valentia (Calabria)
s.s per Tropea
89900 Bivona (VV)
Phone number: 096343951
Hotel in Calabria | Hotel Reggio Calabria | Hotel Bagnara Calabra
Hotel Ristorante \'\'il Gabbiano\'\'
Hotel 3 Stars
Bagnara Calabra (Calabria)
via Turati 61
89011 Bagnara Calabra (RC)
Phone number: 0966372708


Calabria is considered a natural paradise, its long coastline overlooking three seas (Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea and Stretto di Messina), in a landscape of beaches and cliffs.

The promenade of Reggio Calabria is home to numerous archaeological sites (Reggio, Locri, Taureana, Crotone, Sibari and Scolacium just to name a few) and natural beauty.

Between the popular coastal resorts remind Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Reggio, Soverato, Scilla, Scalea, Sellia Marina, Montepaone, Montauro, Copanello, Palmi, Diamante, Amantea, Praia a Mare, Belvedere Marittimo, Roseto Capo Spulico, Corigliano Calabro or the popular with their Blue Flags as Ciro Marina, Roccella Ionica and Scilla

The hinterland is rich in history, tradition, art and culture.

Among the most important cultural cities Cosenza stands out with its historical and artistic heritage is also known as the "Athens of Calabria".

The inland areas are characterized by fortresses, churches, forests and natural basins.

The mountain tourism is mainly in the Sila and Aspromonte, declared National Parks.