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Hotel Amato

Hotel 3 Stars Capo d'Orlando (Sicily)

Getting there by car (departure city):
Hotel 3 Stars Capo d'Orlando (Sicily)
Hotel Amato
Via Consolare Antica, 150 - 98071 (ME)
Capo d'Orlando, Sicily
Phone number: 0941 911476
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Prices per person: MIN 25,00 € / MAX 50,00 €
Price double room: MIN 50,00 € / MAX 100,00 €
* Rates are indicative and are subject to change without notice. Always ask for confirmation to the accommodation.

Information and tips

Recommended for a holiday: Seaside
Distances as the crow flies: Capo d'Orlando (1 Km), Cefal (63 Km), Catania (78 Km), Piazza Armerina (91 Km), Caltanissetta (94 Km)
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