Italia Travelling: Hotels Marebbe in Trentino South Tyrol and other accommodation


Hotels Marebbe in Trentino South Tyrol and other accommodation

List of hotels and other accommodation in Trentino South Tyrol a Marebbe

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Almhof Hotel CALL
Wellness Hotel 4 Stars S
Marebbe (Alto Adige)
Via Plazores, 8
39030 San Vigilio Marebbe (BZ)
Phone number: 0474 501043

Trentino South Tyrol

Trentino South Tyrol is the most southern part of Tyrol, the historical region of the Habsburg Empire, recently re-launched with the establishment, within the European Union, the Euroregion Tyrol-Trentino-Alto Adige.

Trentino South Tyrol region is the northern most Italian, composed mainly of mountain ranges that rise up to elevations of 2700-3900 m. The region is rich in forests, flowers, while other features are numerous meadows and pastures where there is a high proportion of alpine species of herbs and mushrooms.

The valleys are generally small and narrow, with the exception of the Adige valley of glacial origin.

The region is between the central and eastern Alps, while to the south the boundary is bordered by Lake Garda. Are also numerous mountain and natural lakes.

In the region there is the Stelvio National Park and 10 provincial parks between here 8 extend in the Province of Bolzano.

South Tyrol offers in its mountains and valleys, numerous natural monuments as the pyramids of terra in South Tyrol, pyramids of Plata and pyramids of Renon.

Among the most famous medieval castles: Castle Tirolo, Castle Roncolo and Castle Buonconsiglio. In addition to the castles and fortresses in the provinces there are several churches, abbeys and monasteries, including the Abbey of Monte Maria, Abbey of Novacella and Monastery of Sabiona.

The apple in Val Venosta, Val di Non, Val d'Adige and wines of quality.

The most popular sport in the region is undoubtedly the ski, and its variants during the winter season, while during the summer season is very popular hiking.